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Body-Oriented Psychotherapy

Kris Simonsen

Clinical Psychologist and Licensed Therapist

Body-oriented psychotherapy is a combination of talking about the issue at hand and simple therapeutic interventions involving the body, for example grounding exercises, breathing techniques, and aggression exercises. This therapy guides you into a deeper awareness of your emotional and behavioral states, while at the same time encouraging you to tune in to your body’s physical responses. These interventions can be useful in therapy, no matter what issue you are dealing with.

In therapy, you can raise your awareness about what you are feeling and sense what is going on in your body and your feelings as well as what is going on around you in the reality that you are living in. Therapy also involves looking at the possible habits established early on in life, that block this awareness and ability to sense and see reality for what it is. Increased awareness contributes to a better contact with yourself and with those around you. You can with this awareness then choose to act in line with what you are experiencing and feeling, make better choices for you in your life, and in turn, be more grounded in yourself and in reality.

I am fluent in English and offer individual therapy with children, youths, and adults.

I also offer family therapy and couples therapy.

Individual therapy session – 1 hour: 800 kr.

Family therapy session – 1 hour: 800 kr.

Couples therapy session – 1,5 hours: 1200 kr.


Some health insurance companies may cover partial or complete costs.

Check out your health insurance to see if they cover therapy expenses.

I have two practices located in Albertslund and in central Copenhagen.

I have throughout many years professional and personal experience with body psychotherapy.

If you want to read more (in Danish) about this form for therapy, Sensetik therapy, see here.

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Degnehusene 26, 2620 Albertslund